EyeCitizen - The Active Block Watch is changing its name to Alertizen - The Active Block Watch

When we started EyeCitizen, we simply wanted to provide a solution to a problem identified by residents in the Old Orchard neighborhood. I never imagined we'd end up with almost 20,000 members in northwest Ohio; and all by word of mouth with neighbors telling neighbors.

This amazing growth combined with the kind emails and texts I receive from our members on a daily basis has been humbling and serves to motivate me to make the service even better for our members. I believe Alertizen does just that.

Here are the highlights of the new and improved Alertizen:

1. We've created a beautiful new website that explains our service in greater detail.
2. We've redesigned the backend databases and interface to improve performance and quality.
3. We've add the ability to send push alerts directly to your browser, which is pretty cool!
4. We've developed a police communication panel for the Toledo Police Department to communicate with you directly. TPD has been fantastic to work with, and the community police officers are great people. Toledo should be proud of their service and professionalism.
5. And lastly, we've developed Alertizen apps for both iPhone and Android phones that will be made available later this month. The apps will speed delivery and reliability of the alerts over text and email and, we hope, eventually all members will be using our app.

Click here to go to the new Alertizen.com.

Dave Bonitati, Founder
EyeCitizen/Alertizen - The Active Block Watch